Meet the Forneys

We are passionate about seeing people embrace the gospel, the work of the local church in community and reaching those who don’t have as much access to Christian resources. Yet, never in our wildest dreams did we think we would end up living in the Czech Republic!

Our lives are so full of moments when we thought we had a grand plan. Yet in God’s grace and mercy, He has repurposed those often self-centered plans into something more beautiful and glorifying. I remember ruminating as a teenager on the possibility that God could push past the bounds of your imagination, that God could write a story outside the limits of our own dreams. Indeed that thought has become reality for our family as we step out in faith each day along the path He has laid before us. I remember as a young adult clinging to Psalm 77:19 “Your way was through the sea, your path through the great waters; yet your footprints were unseen”. This verse resonates deeply. This journey we are on has literally passed through seas, great oceans, and deserts, a path we didn’t know existed for us. And now, our family, from all parts of the globe, has landed here – by God’s grace - in the castle-littered land of the first missionaries, the Moravians, in the Czech Republic. And we are both humbled and grateful for this unique and timely opportunity to be passionate about God with people who have forgotten His love.

God's evident hand has been before us on this journey, His reminders are littered throughout our story. As we sojourn we are realising with greater depth that we really are ordinary people serving an extraordinary God. We are still in the making. We are students, friends, teachers, parents, Adam a pilot, Kim a musician; we are cooks, lovers of food, cultures, the ocean and natural beauty. We are loved and are learning to love. We are sent and received by a loving, local church with whom we partner to one day see the multiplication of gospel-centered, missional communities in order to conduit the bright light of Jesus Christ in a country dimly lit.

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