Lentils for the New Year!

In the Czech Republic, lentils are often served on New Years day. It is part of a tradition based around money and prosperity; eating them on New Years day - it's believed - ensures that you will be wealthy for the year. I guess, if you squint really hard, they do look a little like a pile of money! Though we don't subscribe to this belief, we did partake in the tradition of having some form of lentils this new years day. I tried a new recipe for a vegetarian chili and it did not disappoint. It was packed with flavour and textures and we have been enjoying the leftovers into January! You can find the recipe we followed here.

The initial mirepoix.

All the other ingredients. We cannot find canned black beans here and even dried are a rarity, but when we find them, we boil them up in big batches to be used for all kinds of mexican fare!

After adding all the spices!

In go the lentils!

Giving it some love.

Order up! Served with cheese and natural yogurt.