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Linecké Kolačky or Linzer Cookies

Before today I had never seen anything close to 'cookie dough' at our local supermarket, but today I stumbled upon some in the deli section (of all places!). After a short conversation in my broken Czech to a kind stranger, I grabbed some to test out with Anika. Adam was coming home today from a short stint in Prague and these are one of his favourite kinds of cookies. I really love how in the Czech Republic, Christmas cookies are tiny and made with great detail. The shortbread is rolled thin, and lemon is added to off set the sweetness of the jam filling. Anika loved dusting them with a little icing sugared magic!

For recipes and more insight into this Czech classic, go here. Or here.

My surprise find! This particular dough is nut flavoured, which usually means walnut.

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