A family of FOUR! Introducing our newest blessing

During this past month I have wanted to take the time to record all of God's perfectly timed blessings with regard to this adoption. Timely messages from across the world, confirmations through conversations, God's word, specific timing of appointments, and the availability of friends through the ebb and flow of transient lives. But we have a baby in our house! And he's napping right now, so I will have to be as Mary in Luke, treasuring these things and pondering them in my heart. (And if we bump into each other, please ask me to tell you of how God was just so faithful to us during this time!)

We had been in the adoption process here (Czech Republic) for 16 months when we received a phone call about a baby boy, born 31/1/2018, who was available and matched to us. This was just a month ago, and since then, life has picked up pace! We were so grateful to learn that he's been with a foster family his entire life, who have loved him well. They live an hour away from us, but since that phone call we have been able to visit them, and them us, as we were introduced to Erik's life. Slowly he has come to know us as familiar people, and it culminated this past week, when we received a letter of custody from the courts to be able to take him home.

He is named Erik (after Adam's father), John (the Czech version of this name was given to him by his biological mother), and he has been a pleasure. Anika is an adoring, sweet big sister and Erik has been a pretty easy going baby thus far. We are praying that he attaches well to our family and that his heart will know us as mum, dad and sister soon!

Here are some photos we've been wanting to share!

His beloved foster family in their last family photo. We have been blessed with a great relationship with them, and a bonus outlet to practice our Czech!

This sweet girl has been looking forward to having a baby brother for a long time! She is so precious with him.

I love this photo of these two! It was on a walk in the forest by the foster family's house :)

This big guy will be 7 months in a week!