2017 thus far...

The Austrian Alps, a Czech intensive course, conferences galore and bonding with teammates. That just about sums up our 2017 so far. Time is flying by!

This winter has been - according to many who have lived here longer than us - one of the best on record. We only have one winter to compare it to, but it has definitely surpassed last winter with more sun and a lot more snow than before. We are learning to embrace winter - albeit slowly - and it was a joy to take Anika out skiing for the first time. (Kim has yet to experience her first time!) We have also enjoyed indoor play centres, sledding (Anika's favourite), snowmen in our back yard and admiring the winter wonderland after a good night of snow and frost.

These past two months have been packed. Our Czech intensive was a lot of information in a short amount of time, but it was fun to learn with students from all walks of life. We were also reminded that this time last year we were in the absolute beginner class, so we can see progress! The Paul Washer conference we were able to attend was both encouraging in word and also in relationships as we were able to spend time with different missionaries and Czech Christians from around the Czech Republic and surrounding countries. We are continuing to value our team as we spend more and more time with them. The Bartol family have been especially dear to us with kids close in age and in similar stages of life. Thank you again for your continued support. There’s a lot happening this year for us and we really appreciate your prayers and messages.

Sledding with teammates! Anika has also enjoyed sledding with schoolmates since they still spend an hour outside most days.

Kaprun, Austria was built for teaching kids on bunny slopes, complete with a conveyor belt to get you up the hill!

The views were spectacular atop the alps. It took our breath away and reminded us of our great and awesome Creator!

Anika really enjoyed our time away with friends and family.

Enjoying some inside play at a friends' birthday party!

Between semesters means more time with dad for tea parties :)

Attending a conference in Kromeriz with Paul Washer and some local, gifted pastors and teachers.

It was really encouraging to see the turn-out!